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Are Chimney Sweeps Necessary?

Every chimney in Providence RI needs an annual sweep to prevent carbon monoxide or combustible byproducts entering your house and setting it on fire. And it is an actual recommendation by the National Fire Protection Association.

Sometimes, we may even need a chimney professional ASAP, especially if there is any of theses signs:

  • If you just moved in in an old house in Providence RI with a chimney, a chimney inspection first and then follow the experts' recommendations.
  • You noticed too much smoke and unusual smell from the chimney- you may need a chimney sweep
  • Once you light the fire, the smoke enters the house- chimney sweep and chimney inspection to check if there is any internal damage
  • There are black stains around the chimney inside the house or on the top of the chimney- you may need chimney liner repair or replacement or a chimney cap. Plus, you will have to hire a specialist to do the chimney sweep.
  • You noticed excessive soot falling into the firebox- you immediately need a chimney cleaning.

In order for a chimney to be of safe use, it must first be free from soot and creosote. Chimneys that are not cleaned can pose a risk to the lives of those that live in a house as they can catch on fire from anything that can ignite them.

Chimney Sweep Rhode Island

Chimney Sweep in Providence RI: How Chimney Sweeping Works?

A Chimney sweep will start by taking a look at the flue which is the opening up on your roof where smoke comes out. The specialist will then inspect the chimney and firebox itself. Then, we will use special tools to clean the chimney from top to bottom.

Chimneys are the passageway which allows smoke to escape. It is very important that it has no damage in the flue, lining, chimney throat, as well as nothing is wrong with the chimney cap and masonry. That’s why the cleaning process starts with a chimney inspection.

The Elite Chimney Solutions team is always professional, no-mess, on time and provides all clients in East and North Providence RI with detailed information on how to maintain their chimney and keep it clean during the next year.

Chimney Repair Providence RI

Chimneys, like any other structure, can get damaged over time. The more it's damaged, the less safe it is: better to spend $300-$1,000 on chimney repairs than $16,000 to $180,000 to renovate a burned house.

Chimney repairs include patching any cracks in the masonry and stopping damage before it gets worse, relining the chimney liners, installing or fixing the chimney caps, leak repairs and many more. The Elite Chimney Solutions will give you an estimate of chimney repairs costs after a proper inspection.

Providence RI Chimney Liners

Chimney liners are vital to a chimney safety. Basically, a chimney liner is conduit inside the chimney to protect the chimney walls from damage, collect all soot and creosote, and evacuate the smoke. Most chimney liners in Providence RI are made of terracotta clay and cracks over time.

Chimney Liners usually come with all necessary parts to install them, including a liner, liner clips, and chimney liner sealant. The Elite Chimney Solutions’ experts can come to your place and properly inspect and install a chimney liner and seal it up at both ends.

Chimney Inspections

Installing Chimney Caps in Providence RI

Chimneys can be made out of brick or metal and both need to be protected with a chimney cap. A chimney cap helps prevent water (it rains throughout the year in Providence RI), animals, and debris from entering the chimney and looks like a “hat” made of steel or copper.

It also provides another layer of protection for the Chimney if there was ever a fire and prevents soot and creosote from collecting on the top of your chimney which is, over time, what causes chimneys to catch on fire.

The people that live in houses with chimneys in Providence RI are more susceptible to chimney fires if they don't install special chimney caps.

Who Provides Chimney Services in Providence?

If you live in Providence, Rhode Island or in surrounding towns like Glocester, Rhode Island and you think it's time to clean your chimney, or you have any questions, please contact Elite Chimney Services at (844) 354-8385