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Why Clean Your Chimney?

Chimney cleaning is a task that many people put off, often until it becomes a serious problem. This is a problem because the longer you wait the harder it will be to clean your chimney and get it working properly again. When you have a chimney that isn’t working properly, it can cause serious damage to your home. Chimney cleaning is absolutely essential for your fireplace because not only does it prevent creosote buildup, but it also improves the efficiency of your chimney. You know what that means don’t you? That’s right - it can help you save money on your heating bill (cha-ching). You should have your chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year. The importance of this cannot be overstated because a dirty chimney can lead to a number of other problems, including a malfunctioning fireplace, a fire, water damage from leaks, and even the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Wood Stove Cleaning

Keeping a wood stove clean is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to significantly improve the efficiency and safety of your wood-burning stove. Over time, creosote and soot can build up inside your wood stove chimney, making it difficult for the smoke to reach the chimney, the more time the smoke spends in the chimney, the more creosote forms. This also reduces the efficiency of your wood stove appliance and requires extra fuel to keep it going. When it comes to keeping your wood stove clean, calling in a professional chimney sweep like Elite Chimney Solutions is a critical part of ensuring that your heating and cooling system is operating at its best and that it is safe to use. Wood stoves get very dirty over time and can present a safety hazard if they aren’t cleaned on a regular basis. This is a really important thing to do when it’s going to be cold in the winter. We suggest you have your chimneys inspected and cleaned once a year at a minimum as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association.

Furnace Flue Cleaning

The purpose of a furnace is to heat your home and keep you warm, but it's also a great way to pollute the air you breathe (if you’re not careful). Furnaces burn fuel to create heat, and this creates pollutants like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other dangerous chemicals. Your furnace flue chimney is essentially the exhaust for these byproducts (similar to a car exhaust.) If you have oil or gas heat then there's likely a metal pipe connecting your furnace to your chimney, this is called your breaching. When you neglect to have your furnace flue cleaned and inspected annually by a licensed chimney sweep, you are likely causing damage to your furnace flue. By cleaning your furnace flue annually, you can prevent dangerous puffbacks, CO leaks, costly repairs, and any other problems that can cause your homes chimney harm.

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Fireplace Cleaning

All too often, people forget that they should even do a fireplace cleaning. This is a big safety hazard because if something falls into the fireplace it could get stuck in the flue and cause a fire. A fireplace is an inherently dirty place. When you build a fire, especially with wood, there’s ash and soot, and other residue left behind. You should clean your fireplace out on a regular basis and if you don’t have the time to do a thorough fireplace cleaning (most people don’t), call on a professional service like Elite Chimney Solutions to do it for you. For starters, we’re not just talking about vacuuming the inside of the fireplace. We’re talking about removing soot and debris from the flue and any loose material that may have fallen down into the chamber, or firebox. When you burn wood you produce water vapors that will cool and condense in different parts of the fireplace system and create creosote, creosote is extremely flammable and should be removed once a year at least by a chimney sweep to prevent any chimney fires from happening.

How Often Should I Sweep My Chimney?

To keep your fireplace, furnace flue, and chimney in the best condition, you’ll need to clean it once a year. After all, if any part of your heating system is dirty, it won’t work properly and you could be putting your family in danger. Elite Chimney Solutions offers expert chimney sweep services across the entire state of Rhode Island and we get the job done right the 1st time - every time. Schedule a chimney cleaning today by calling (844) 354-8385