Chimney Waterproofing - Leaky Chimney Services in RI

Who Needs Waterproofing?

Many homeowners throughout Rhode Island are in need of chimney waterproofing. The harsh New England weather can be your chimneys worst enemy. When a chimney comes in contact with water the porous brick will absorb the the rain water and retain it in the chimney structure, over the winter that water will freeze and expand causing the bricks to spall and fall apart. This can not only cause damage to the brick and the mortar but can allow the water to thaw out in the spring and find its way into the home. This can only be avoided by applying a special water repellant to the chimney brick.

Waterproofing a Chimney

What can I expect from a good chimney sweep service?

Every safety organization recommends you to focus on chimney cleaning and repair for a plethora of reasons. With professional chimney cleaning services, you can get the best experience without doing the dirty job yourself. Some reasons why you should try out their services include,

  • Cleaning your chimney reduces the chance of chimney fire.
  • Dirty and clogged chimneys will let out poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide into your house
  • Birds and other animals can build nests in your chimney, which can cause a fire.
  • Repair of structural problems which could lead to problems in the future.
  • Clean and professional sweeping service by laying clothes on the floor and using a high-powered vacuum to avoid any spillage of debris and control dust particles.
  • Inspection and assessment of your chimneys to see if they meet building codes and clean air standards set up by EPA.

What is Waterproofing

Chimney waterproofing is the process of applying a special water repellant to the chimney to prevent the bricks from absorbing any water. A reputable chimney sweeps will spray the entire chimney with the waterproofing material to prevent any rain water from being retained in the brick. This process is extreamly important for homeowners in areas like Warwick RI, Cranston RI, Providence RI, and surrounding towns in the entire historic state of Rhode Island. If you think your chimney needs waterproofing its best to call a licensed chimney sweep like the Elite Chimney Solutions.

Who Waterproofs Chimneys?

When deciding who to hire for chimney waterproofing services its important to make sure you hire a professional with experience dealing with chimneys. Chimney leaks are very different than other kinds of leaks due to the unique way chimneys work. Avoid hiring roofers, or handyman services as the often can accidently make the problem worse by not understanding how chimneys work. Many waterproofing materials can do more harm than good by trapping moisture inside of the chimney. Anything you use to fix a chimney leak must not only prevent moisture from getting in, but allow moisture to "breathe" out of the chimney.

What Now?

If you live in Rhode Island and think you may be in need of chimney waterproofing services or other leaky chimney repairs the best thing to do is schedule an estimate with one of our Certified Chimney Technicians by calling our office at (844) 354-8385 or by clicking the call now button at the top of your screen.