Why Do I Need To Sweep My Chimney in Rhode Island?

Three Reasons to Have an Annual Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning is an important but often overlooked part of home maintenance. Many homeowners in Rhode Island may not even realize they have a chimney if they don't have a fireplace. Oil & Gas heating appliances are venting using your homes chimney or furnace flue. Similar to a car exhaust these chimneys are just as important to clean as your wood stove or fireplace.

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The NFPA Recommends it

The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) recommends your chimney be swept and inspected annually by a licensed chimney professional. The NFPA is the organization that sets the national standard for chimney maintenance, chimney cleaning, and chimney repairs related to masonry chimneys built according to NFPA 211 standard. The NFPA 211 is the national standard for chimneys, fireplaces, and solid fuel burning appliances. All masonry chimneys must be built according to this standard. As licensed chimney sweeps the NFPA 211 is sort of our bible.

Your Warranty May Require It

In the case of heating equipment such as furnaces, water heaters, factory built fireplaces, or wood stoves; you may be required to have your chimney cleaned & inspected annually by a qualified chimney company. Many times in cases of heating equipment failure the manufacture can deny any warranty coverage if you can not provide adequate records of past chimney cleaning or inspection. Always make sure your chimney sweep leaves you with some type of documentation proving past chimney service. When buying a new home or installing a new appliance always check the owners manual to ensure you are aware of any annual chimney cleaning requirements. Keep records of any receipts or inspection reports provided to you by your chimney sweep

Chimney Fires & Puffbacks

Chimney fires are the most common reason to follow the NFPAs advice and sweep your chimney every year. When burning wood you're producing water vapors that will cool and condense inside of your chimney liner and form creosote. Creosote is a highly flammable substance produced as a byproduct of burning wood. It's extremely important you have any creosote builable removed by a qualified chimney sweep. The next reason to sweep your chimney is to avoiding any puffbacks from your oil furnace flue or Carbon Monoxide backup from your gas furnace flue. Oil soot puffbacks are caused when chimney build-up prevents the furnace flue from drafting and causing the soot to back up into the home, when this happens you can fall victim to CO poisoning and a very dirty home. The last reason involves gas furnace flues that may become blocked and cause CO to back into the home as well.

Okay, I Get It. Now What To Do?

If this article has convinced you why chimney cleaning is so important and you live in areas like Warwick RI, Providence RI, Pawtucket RI, Middletown RI, Newport RI, or any part of Rhode Island, your next move is to call us at (844) 354-8385 to schedule your annual chimney sweep & inspection.