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A firebox is a box-like structure that surrounds the firebrick in a masonry or steel chimney and exists in all types of fireplaces, including gas, wood, and pellet-burning units, and it’s crucial for allowing air to flow into the fireplace and escaping from the chimney. The firebox provides a place for the flue liner to be installed. Usually made of refractory mortar, firebrick, or steel, fireboxes are the small spaces in between the inner and outer walls of a chimney. Also called a smoke chamber, they’re used to hold onto the steel liners of chimneys and keep them from buckling as a result of heat. They should have a tightly fitting door to prevent air from entering the room and to limit smoke from escaping into the room when burning wood or coal. As a general rule, most chimneys have at least two fireboxes located on either side of the flue.


Warwick RI Firebox Repair

How to know when your firebox needs repair?

If you need to repair your firebox, it’s best to call at the first sign of a problem. Don’t wait until there are flames shooting out of your fireplace because that means you’re risking a lot more damage. Firebox and chimney repairs are often necessary for your home if you want to keep it safe. While many firebox and chimney repairs don’t look that bad on the surface, they can actually cause a number of problems in your home. If your firebox has been on for a long time and you notice that the flames are weak and there’s not a lot of heat coming out, it’s important to call a service provider immediately. A firebox that has been on for a long time can be very unsafe and could cause a fire. If a firebox is not installed properly or if it is damaged, smoke can get into a home and cause serious health problems. Signs or reasons you might need a chimney inspection, firebox or chimney repair by Elite Chimney Solutions Include:

  • Your firebox is leaking
  • Your firebox is cracked
  • If you notice rust on your fireplace doors
  • Your firebox is aged 5 years or older
  • Firebox has not been serviced or cleaned in the last two years
  • You are using a fireplace on a regular basis
  • You are using a fireplace to heat your home

What is the importance of fireclay?

Fireclay is a special kind of refractory material used in chimney repairs that can resist temperatures up to 3500°F. The reason it’s so important for firebox repair is that it insulates the furnace from the heat that’s coming from the chimney. Fireclay insulation is typically made from fireclay or sodalite and can be found in some fireplaces and chimneys. Fireclay is used to:


  • Repair cracks in the firebox and in the surrounding area of the chimney.
  • Used to build fireboxes
  • Used to connect flue tiles
Middletown RI Firebox Rebuild
Prefab Firebox

Water is your chimney’s enemy

Water is your chimney’s enemy, especially in Rhode Island because of the high salt content in our water. Salt acts as a corrosive and eats away at masonry. In order to keep your chimney in tip-top shape, you should have it inspected and cleaned every couple of years by professionals, like the ones at Elite Chimney Solutions. If you live in a rustic house and your chimney is made of brick, you should check it regularly for leaks. The reason for this is that bricks are porous, which means they absorb water from the air. If water gets into your chimney, it can cause the structure to rot and crumble, making it unsafe and a fire hazard. The last thing you want is your chimney to crack and leak smoke into your home, causing a buildup of soot that can be extremely difficult to remove.


Now What?

Elite Chimney Solutions is skilled in all areas of firebox repair, firebox rebuilding, and all aspects of fireplace restoration. If your chimney is in need of firebox repair don't hesitate to contact us at (844) 354-8385