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The residents of Rhode Island know that Elite Chimney Solutions is the number one choice when it comes to chimney solutions, chimney chase covers, custom chimney toppers, and decorative shrouds. If you live in Johnston, Cranston, Pawtucket, Cumberland, Lincoln, and Smithfield, Barrington, Bristol, Burrillville, Glocester, Hopkinton, Jamestown, Lincoln, Middletown, Narragansett, North Kingstown, North Providence, Portsmouth, Richmond, Scituate, Warren, Westerly and West Greenwich - give us a call for your free consultation!

Chimney tops are basically the fancy name for the top cap that sits on the top of your chimney. Elite Chimney Solutions provides chimney cleaning, chimney repair, chimney inspection, and chimney crown repair. To us, chimney tops are more than just something to cover the top of your chimney. They’re an extension of your home, an architectural feature that can really enhance the appearance of your home. Custom chimney tops are a great way to make your home look beautiful. We offer chimney tops in a wide variety of different styles, materials, and designs - a great way to add value to your house if you plan on selling it in the future. A custom chimney top can be a great investment for any homeowner to make because it gives your house a more modern appearance that will help it sell faster and for a higher price. That’s why we recommend inquiring with one of our technicians about the materials we use. Rule of thumb in the chimney industry - you get what you pay for. Consider it our life’s work to make sure your fireplace isn’t just up to code, it’s aesthetically pleasing and can stand up to mother nature’s finest.

Chimney Cap Rhode Island

Custom Chimney Chase Covers & Decorative Shrouds

The purpose of a chimney chase cover is to conceal any unsightly pipes and wires and to match the style of your fireplace. It can also prevent water from leaking into your chimney and damaging it. A decorative shroud around your chimney crown serves a similar purpose, but can also help to control airflow through the chimney, which can reduce creosote build-up. When you're rebuilding a chimney, you want to make sure that it looks as good as it did before. Most people will be able to find a pre-made chimney top, but these won't be usually made from the same brick material as the rest of your chimney. At Elite Chimney Solutions, we specialize in custom chimney chase covers and decorative shrouds for your home. We have several custom options available to fit every style and budget. Our chimney chase covers are made out of stainless steel and will fit most sizes. We also offer custom-made covers that are designed to fit your specific needs.

Custom Masonry Caps

Size matters when it comes to masonry caps. At Elite Chimney Solutions we see botched masonry more than we’d like to admit. The number 1 thing we tell our customers is that like personalities, every home is unique. With that in mind, if it’s not a custom masonry cap job then how you can expect it to look good or function properly. The last thing you want is to call a busy chimney sweep in the dead of winter to come back and fix your chimney!

More than just a way to modernize your home exterior, masonry caps also:

  • Offer a great way to extend your home’s life and improve its durability.
  • Finish your brick wall and protect the top of the brick from water and other elements.
  • Increase the curb appeal of your home, as well as its overall value.
  • Masonry caps can conceal problems such as old chimneys, mismatched materials, and unsightly vents.
  • They can also be designed to reflect the style of your home or complement your other home additions.

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