Furnace Flue Liners - Reline Your Furnace Chimney in Warwick RI

What is a Furnace Flue Liner?

Your furnace flue liner is your exhaust for your homes heating system. When you burn oil or gas fuels to heat your home you are creating hazardous byproducts of combustion that emit carbon monoxide and other dangerous chemicals that need to be safetly removed from your home. Your furnace flue liner is the vent that creates and areas for those hot chemicals to be removed from the home. When your furnace flue is not continuously swept on an annual basis, or when your chimney comes in contact with excess moisture, your furnace flue liner can become damaged. Most furnace chimneys have a terracotta clay flue liner that can easily be damaged from the condensation emitted from new high efficiency furnaces alone. It is imperative for the safety of your home that the flue liner be a gas tight area for the byproducts of combustion to properly, and safely escape the home.

Oil Chimney Liners

If you have gas fired appliances and live in Warwick, RI, the more you understand about the oil burning process, the better. Chimney liners are non negotiable for homeowners on the east coast because they’re designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Oil chimney liners are also known as chimney liners or flue liners, and they’re basically tubes that are inserted into your chimney to protect the structure from fire. What you want to avoid at all costs is known as a ‘chimney puffback’. This happens when excessive amounts of fuel vapors accumulate in the furnace’s burner chamber and shoot soot or ash into your home.

Gas Furnace Flue Liners

Gas furnace flue liners are a crucial component of a gas furnace. They provide a protective barrier that surrounds the outside of your furnace and prevents any fire from spreading from the furnace to the rest of your home. They also prevent any dangerous fumes from leaking out from the furnace and into the house. Unsurprisingly, the most common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning in Warwick, RI, is a defective or improperly installed chimney. If you use your furnace’s flue, here are the 2 key things you need to know this winter before turning the heat on:


  1. Make sure it’s in good condition and properly connected should be your 1st priority.
  2. Your 2nd priority is to make sure your flue is metal and not plastic, because plastic can get brittle over time.
New Chimney Liner

Is Your Furnace Chimney Safe To Use?

If you’re in Warwick, Rhode Island or any surrounding towns like Providence, Cranston, Newport, Woonsocket, and are looking for a fast and effective way to improve your heating and cooling system this winter, having your home’s furnace flues relined by Elite Chimney Solutions is a great option. This process involves installing a liner in your flue to prevent the accumulation of debris, soot, and other materials that can gunk up your system. Safety is our first priority and if you’re concerned that your chimney might be leaking or in need of repair, give us a call at (844) 354-8385