Fireplace Relining - Best Fireplace Liner Services in Warwick RI

Why reline a fireplace?

 Fireplaces are a big deal in Warwick, RI. Many homes have them, and for good reason. Fireplaces are surprisingly efficient at heating a home, which is why many people in Massachusetts and Rhode Island rely on them in the winter when the temperature drops. This means maintaining your fireplace is key to avoid flue gases condensing on the back of the brick, and water leaking down into your living room. Of course, the need for relining a fireplace depends on the material that you’re working with and the age of your home. If you have a brick fireplace, it’s important to have all of the cracks and openings sealed so that they don’t become an entry point for moisture. The same is true if you have a stone fireplace.

Fireplace With New Liner

Old Liner Removal

The importance of full tile removal

If you’re considering using your fireplace this year - Elite Chimney Solutions recommends your fireplace be inspected. If we find any inconsistencies and decide a repair is necessary, a full tile removal is a must when you’re relining your fireplace. This allows the new lining to fit perfectly, look seamless and prevent clogging or rapid creosote build up. If you don’t remove the tiles, then the new liner could end up being a different size or shape, which would mean you run the risk of fires in your home. If you’re looking for a reliable company to renovate your fireplace, it’s important to do your research. The last thing you want is to hire someone who will give you the runaround or who will take your money and then disappear.

New Liner Installation

Installing the new liner

If your fireplace is old, you may want to consider installing a new fireplace liner. The reason for this is that it’s easier to install a new liner than it is to install a new fireplace because of the numerous construction challenges involved. We use high quality stainless steel liners to ensure the longevity of your fireplace and make it easier to clean in future. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on all liners with annual maintenance. Our team starts by removing the old liner and carefully setting the new one in place. Once it’s in place we install the new hearth pad and hearth brick. The next step is to install a new stainless steel top plate and then use a vacuum to remove all of the debris from inside the liner.

Fireplace Relining in Rhode Island

Fireplace Relining Done Right the 1st Time

 Fireplace relining is a great way to update and modernize your old fireplace, but it’s important to make sure you do it right the first time. This means hiring a professional to help you design your fireplace relining and make sure it’s done right. When you install a new fireplace liner, you have to make sure that it’s right up against the wall. If there’s too much space between your wall and the liner, then it can crack from the heat of the fire. We don’t mean to blow our own horn but we see tons of badly lined fireplaces in Warwick, RI and we hate having to tell our customers they need to pay for something twice. If you’re looking for a job done right the 1st time, give us a call at (844) 354-8385 now!