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Wood stoves are great for heating a home in the winter and they’re also a very efficient way to burn wood. However, they can be a little dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions when using them. The EPA and other environmental safety organisations will tell you that if you burn wood in your home, it should be in a stove that has a liner. A liner is basically a metal box that fits inside the stove and helps to protect the inside of your home from damage. If you own an old freestanding stove, you might want to think about fireplace relining it. Relining freestanding stoves is a process that involves lining the stove with a new material that will replicate the original.

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Wood Stove Inserts

You’ve probably noticed that wood stoves will leave behind a thin layer of soot on the walls of your home. This is because wood stove chimneys can get clogged up with ash over time, which means you’re not getting the most out of your wood burning appliance. It’s really important to make sure you reline your freestanding stove at least once a year. This is because, over time, the lining in your stove will become worn out and damaged. Wood stove inserts can be a great way to reduce your heating costs without sacrificing the authenticity of the look and feel of your fireplace. The most important thing to remember when you’re installing and using a wood stove is that it must be properly insulated. At Elite Chimney Solutions we use a UL listed chimney liner insulation that has been tested for use with your specific system. We also offer a lifetime warranty and annual maintenance for all installations.

How Do I Make Sure I’m Safe For Winter?

Liners are a critical part of any wood stove. They help to stop the creosote from building up too much. Creosote is a chemical that can build up in your stove. When you’re lining freestanding stoves, it’s important that you use a material that can withstand high temperatures. Many manufacturers recommend porcelain enamel linings, but they tend to chip very easily, so they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing option. The most important thing to do before winter is to make sure your chimney is in good working order. Have a pro come out and do a chimney sweep to make sure there are no blockages, and that your chimney is not leaking. Give us a call at (844) 354-8385 now!

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Is it Time to Install a Wood Stove?

If you’re in Rhode Island in towns like Warwick RI, Woonsocket RI, Providence RI, or Newport RI, and are looking for an efficient and realistic alternative to heating your home, or simply looking to cut down on the heating bills, having a wood stove installed by Elite Chimney Solutions is a great option. This process involves installing a liner in your chimney and connecting it directly to your new wood stove appliance. Customer satisfaction above all else is our biggest goal when doing business, give us a call at (844) 354-8385