Leaky Chimney Repair in Rhode Island

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A leaky chimney is no laughing matter. It can cause serious damage to your property and at the same time, it can be a huge fire hazard. The most common cause of chimney leaks is the flashing that is used to seal the chimney to the roof. Over time, weather can erode the flashing and cause the chimney to leak. Here are some signs that you might have a leaky chimney:


  • A flue that has rust on it or is discolored.
  • Flaking paint on the outside of your chimney.
  • Water damage in your ceiling or roof.
  • Burning wood is giving off a lot of smoke.
  • Your natural gas or heating bills are significantly higher than normal.
  • Your fireplace seems to be taking longer to heat up the room.
  • Creosote buildup is being deposited on the fireplace walls and floor.

What causes a leaky chimney?

Leaking chimneys can be caused by a variety of factors.

The chimney itself can be cracked and damaged from years of use. For example, if water has been allowed to collect in the bottom of the fireplace, it could cause the mortar between the bricks to deteriorate, resulting in a leak. However, the most common causes of chimney leaks are:

Damaged chimney crowns

The crown is the top part of the chimney that attaches to the roof. Over time, this crown will deteriorate and will need to be repaired or replaced depending on the severity of the damage. If you have a damaged chimney crown it can have serious consequences for your home. Chimney crowns are designed to protect the top of the chimney from water, which can cause damage to your chimney and make it more likely to catch on fire or disintegrate.

No chimney cap

The chimney cap is the little metal lid at the top of your fireplace. Its main purpose is to keep out animals and debris, but it also keeps heat in and allows smoke to escape. It also keeps the rain and moisture out of the inside of the flue, which can lead to leaks. If you have a wood stove or an old fireplace, you should definitely get a chimney cap to prevent water damage.

Damaged or missing flashing on the roof

Flashings are metal or tar and gravel coated sheets that are placed at the roof’s edge to divert water away from the chimney. Over time, shingles can be blown off and the wind will wear down the flashing, causing it to become damaged. Damaged flashing can cause water leaks that can result in rot, mold, and other structural issues.

No Chimney Liner

The most common issue is no flue liner at all. The purpose of a chimney liner to safely push combustibles outside of your home. Using your fireplace often creates moisture and having a liner can protect the masonry of the chimney from condensation.

Leaky Chimney Repair

When to contact Elite Chimney Solutions

When it comes to chimney leaks, it’s crucial that you act fast. A leaky chimney can be dangerous because it can increase the risk of a fire breaking out in your home. Act fast when you suspect that you have a leak because waiting too long can make the problem even worse. If your chimney is leaking smoke and soot, or if you notice any other oddities, it may be time for a professional inspection. We are the leading specialists when it comes to leaky chimneys and chimney repair. Elite Chimney Solutions provides reliable and affordable chimney, fireplace cleaning, and repair services for homeowners in Rhode Island and surrounding towns. Contact us today to schedule an appointment by calling (844) 354-8385