Drafty Chimneys - All About Chimney Draft

Having Issues With Chimney Draft?

If you've been noticing cold air from your chimney, then the problem could lie in any one of five different issues that occur when a chimney is poorly sealed or constructed. In this article, we'll go over the five main reasons why a chimney can be leaking and give you some tips on what to do to fix the leak.

Why Is Cold Drafty Air Coming in My Chimney?

Drafts can be due to a variety of things: cracked masonry, bad flashing, and even the shape of your chimney. If you're noticing drafty air coming into your home, it's important to get this addressed as soon as possible. There is no safe level of exposure to drafts and cold air. When you have a fireplace, chimney, or stove vent in your home, you're going to have some cold drafts. Your heat is going into the chimney and it's drawing cold air from outside into your living area. You'll notice that there's a big difference between a hot draft and a cold draft. One of the most common reasons that your chimney may be leaking cold air into your house is because you have a crack in the flue, lining, or brickwork. This is due to the chimney not being sealed properly and it should be repaired right away. You know what they say, if you see something - say something. Call our team of chimney specialists at Elite Chimney Solutions for an inspection before it’s too late!

Your Top Sealing Dampers Might Be Damaged

At Elite Chimney Solutions, we know drafty chimneys are an unfortunate reality for many homeowners. However, there are several reasons why your chimney may be leaking that you may not even be aware of. For example, your top-sealing dampers might be damaged. This is the most common reason for your chimney to start leaking. Damaged dampers can also result in an increased risk of fire and other problems inside the house. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to check the dampers and replace any that are damaged.

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Improper Insulation

When you have an improperly insulated chimney, it can lead to a drafty fireplace. The insulation should be able to reduce heat loss through convection, conduction, and radiation. This will help to prevent the airflow that is responsible for the drafty fireplace. If your chimney does not have a good seal between the firebox and the flue, it will leak smoke and gases. A chimney leaking smoke can fill a room with smoke in seconds, making it difficult to breathe. This is why it's important to make sure that you have enough insulation around your fireplace or insert. The best thing you can do is call our team at Elite Chimney Solutions for a free inspection today.

You're Unknowingly Creating A House Vacuum

The problem is that the pressure difference from inside your home to the outside might be so great that air can't get in. Air is always trying to find its way to a lower pressure area, so it will naturally flow from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure, creating a vacuum. When the air finds an opening in your ductwork, it will try and fill up the house until a balance point is reached. You've probably heard that chimneys are intended to draw air upward. And they do, more or less. But they also leak air - and if you're lucky, it's just a leaky seal somewhere in the chimney system. More often than not it's because of an unintentional vacuum created by your house's ventilation system. The best thing to do is get the issue assessed by a professional. Don’t take any chances!

When To Call The Professionals

Elite Chimney Solutions is the top quality chimney repair service provider in RI. Our team of reputable professionals has helped thousands of homeowners with chimney drafts and chimney repair issues for more than ten years. We offer a full range of services for your home, including chimney replacement, chimney cleaning, chimney maintenance, and chimney repairs. Our dedicated team is happy to answer your chimney questions with the expertise you need to provide solutions for any and all chimney problems! Give us a call today! (844) 354-8385