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The name Pawtucket comes from the Algonian word, meaning ‘riverfall’. Said to be one of the most populous places in New England prior to the arrival of European Settlers in 1671, the Native Americans would gather to catch salmon and fish at the falls. A lot has changed in Pawtucket, RI since then - except the need for a good old chimney sweep! Back then there were no chimney liners or chimney caps, and if you needed a chimney repair  - you’d call the local orphanage and send them up with a brush. That approach to chimney cleaning today would probably get you in some trouble... but that’s just how they got the creosote and coal soot out back then.

Chimney Cleaning

At Elite Chimney Solutions, we’ve catapulted chimney cleaning into the future. The number 1 Chimney Sweep in Pawtucket, RI - we take your home safety seriously. Did you know that everytime you burn wood in your fireplace, water vapors and combustibles build up and have the capacity to catch fire? An annual chimney cleaning with Chimney Solutions will not only ensure this never happens, we’ll teach you the ins and outs of why thorough ventilation, chimney liners and chimney caps are so important. Lastly, our reputation is on the line so we guarantee a quality service. Our team adheres the following standards as a rule of thumb when doing a chimney sweep or a chimney repair:

  • We always wear protective boot covers and drop cloths
  • We sue HEPA filters to remove the dust and creosote
  • We always perform full inspections of your fireplace, wood stove or chimney area
Licensed Chimney Cleaning Service

Pawtucket Chimney Repairs

Horror stories are common in chimney sweep business. We believe in honesty here at EHS. All too often people will call out for a chimney repair in Pawtucket, RI and the company will want to make a quick buck, fearing that mentioning a chimney leak was found. We prefer the upfront approach because prevention is better than cure - especially when it comes to your home and saftey. During our inspection, if we see that you need a chimney liner repair, a new chimney liner, chimney cap, chase cover or fireplace repair - we’ll shoot straight. We not only guarantee our work - we guarantee our word.

Chimney Relining

Over time chimney flues can become damaged or cracked by the hostile temperatures, moisture and combustibles that come with burning wood gas or oil. The NFPA or Natural Fire Protection Association recommends that these chimneys be repaired or relined with a stainless steel chimney liner. Commonly made of terracotta, these flues will need to be removed by our certified fireplace repair crews to ensure our team can fit an appropriate sized chimney liner into your fireplace. We recommend using a stainless steel chimney liner to avoid future rust issues that come with using cheaper metals or clay. Our end goal is to ensure that your chimney can manage being held to the fire and the byproducts of harsh heat, smoke and combustibles.

Flashing Cement Repair to Masonry Chimney

Chimney Leaks Pawtucket

Pawtucket, RI loves a good rain and one would think that sparks from your chimney are as rare as a family guy episode that doesn’t mention our town (if you know you know). However, in the interests of safety and local requirements, chimney caps are a vital part of your fireplace. A proper chimney cap will often have a spark arrester  (recommended and often required), an animal cover or critter guard and a chimney chase cover, to seal off from moisture and protect the interior. Due to high winds in some parts of the north east, a vacustack chimney cover is often recommended to prevent wind inducted downdrafts. Basically, if you’ve spent time in Pawtucket felt a ‘breeze’ give your picnic wings at Slater Memorial Park - you need a vacustack. If you have a leaking chimney and live in Pawtucket or a surrounding neighborhood like Richmond, Rhode Island give us a call today!